About us

Firmu Zámečnictví byla založena v r. 1992after quitting Maintenance Enterprise SD Budoucnost where he used to work as a head of SD Budoucnost stores, restaurants and buildings maintenance. 2010 18 years later, Locksmith company was transformed along with its employees into JC kovovýroba s.a.r.l which exists till this day.

Thanks to the liberty we could finally enjoy after the year 1989, it was necessary to make sure that everything susceptible to be stolen was very well protected. So we started to create and assemble steel gratings, doors, ramps and other metal construction for many shops and apartments. Later on, we turned to renovating rusty and outdated balconies along with entrance and exit doors to blocks of flats situated in Ostrava. Then, we entered into partnership with the representative of the City of Ostrava and took part in pre-schools and night club improvements.At the same time, we began a cooperation with the theatre KS Aréna in order to create a divadelního sezení and and stage scenery including many conversions.

By now, we had began work with society AVAP – noise barriers . Since companies such as Vítkovice, Nová Huť and Moravia Steel had to limit the amount of noise and dust they produced, a large part of our work consisted in the construction of noise barriers. This has lead us into a partnership with AAP noise barriers company (road noise insulation of Rudná street and noise insulation of HVAC Nová Karolína roof). Moreover, we participated in steel construction and assembly along ocelových kostrukcí with societies  Kovoservis Glombica, Ferrmon s.r.o, Ing. František prokop – air services technologies , etc.

This period is marked by collaboration with company Průmyslové montáže Ostravawho are engaged in refinery and mine shafts renovation as well as multiple repairs for the company Kotouč Štramberk.

Because of numerous closures of mine shafts located around the city of Ostrava, in this stage of the operation, it was a big challenge to produce and deliver the goods on time (different sizes and shapes of hoppers coated in hardox obložením až k machine spare parts and other structures). Refineries were in need of change of different containers and Kotouč Štramberk in need of pipe and exhaust stacks replacement. JC Kovovýroba were also co-operating with ALPINE company whilst assisting in motorway construction - structures, level crossing barriers and road fences with high demands on surface treatment, galvanizing, metallization and polyurethane coatings.At the same time, we worked with Kovoservis Glombica and Relimetal in ArcelorMittal.A cooperation with Ostravar brewery is also worth mentioning coinciding with the Ostravar brewery foundation celebration (construction and maintenance sport pitches, enclosures for football matches). pro fotbalový turnaj v rámci vyvrcholení oslav založení pivovaru Ostravar).

Nowadays, our company cooperates with other societies based in the same area in Ostrava-Kunčičky. This concerns mainly with  RM Kovo – machine works products, Kovo KM machiningVaKo assembly. Among others, we go on working with companies such us Průmyslové montáže Ostrava, Ferrmon, Rektimont, Šváňhal Aleš- steel construction, Theatre Komorní scéna Aréna, Dolní Lhota village, Benstar- warehouse, Ferona. To date, two years ago, we started to collaborate with Kolmax society specialized in constructing fairground attractionswhich currently represents a substantial part of our manufacturing.